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Christina Malecka

Founder, Digital Mindfulness Retreats®

As a Seattle-based psychotherapist for 16 years, Christina has had a front-row seat to the emotional impacts of smartphones and social media on her clients, notably increased loneliness, anxiety, and alienation. In 2017, inspired by the work of Sherry Turkle, Nicholas Carr and her own transformative experience with digital fasting, Christina launched Digital Mindfulness Retreats which emphasize meditation, present-moment experience, social connection, self-reflection and tools for tech/life balance. A community organizer turned Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Christina brings over 25 years of experience with change-making, group facilitation, mindfulness training, and workshop development. She loves creating nurturing experiences for individuals and teams.

Photo by Laura Short.

Events with Christina Malecka

Unplug. Reconnect. Restore. A Digital Fast and Mindfulness Retreat
June 12, 2020

Looking for a one-of-a kind mindfulness retreat? Imagine yourself totally unplugged from technology and held in community at the Whidbey Institute for a weekend of meditation, rest, community building, self-discovery and empowerment. Put away your phone and deeply engage with yourself and others. Rediscover play to reclaim the joy and excitement of childhood. Leave with tools and practices to help you find tech/life balance in the real world. Treat yourself to this weekend of digital detox, deep self-care and mindfulness to: LEARN how mindfulness is the opposite of distraction – and the key to a healthier relationship with technology CONNECT…