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Wendy Halowski

 Wendy Halowski, Dip. DH; BHSc.MSc; has co-facilitated programs for people living with acute and chronic illnesses (including cancer) and caregivers through the Tzu Chi Institute which integrates both conventional and complementary methods of health care. The focus of her work is integrating the body, mind, emotions and spirit to enable individuals to be present in their lives as they unfold. She has practiced as a clinical counselor in Vancouver, British Columbia for over 25 years working with couples and individuals to pursue healing, wholeness and seek out their own inner wisdom. 

She is also a SoulCollage® facilitator using a unique process to help people living with cancer, their caregivers and others, to create individualized collaged cards for self-exploration, self-awareness, and soul-tending. It is a doorway to a fun, engaging, deep and illuminating process that is all at once creative play, self-care and personal reflection. 

Wendy’s own cancer diagnosis was 8 years ago and she has had the incredible opportunity to benefit from both the Cancer Help Program at Commonweal CA. and the Awake and Alive – Mindful Living with Cancer Program at the Whidbey Institute. In both programs she found pearls of wisdom to help her navigate the traumas, losses, ups and downs and stresses of living with cancer as well as the companionship of others walking and living the same path. 

Wendy is involved with the Spiritual Guidance Wisdom School where she organizes and assists in programs with an inter-faith approach. Through these programs she has learned to live with the questions, gaze into the mysteries of living and dying and appreciate the humanness and Divine in all of us.