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Palmira Figueroa

Palmira Figueroa, was born and raised in Mexico City. Since migrating to Seattle 17 years ago, Palmira has been passionate about immigration justice, working and volunteering with immigrant organizations and making trips to our southern border – bringing solidarity and money to organizers who help refugees. She understands the power of community and of loving solidarity. She loves grassroots fundraising as a way to fund movements for our collective liberation, family time and dancing Oaxacan music with “Grupo Cultural Oaxaqueño”.

Events with Palmira Figueroa

Healing Our Collective Futures: A Gathering for Women of Color
May 28, 2020

Women of color need spaces to come together, listen to each other deeply, rest and grow community. We are in a moment of feeling the collective future in us. This is a moment to go beyond self-care and create collective-care by coming together. We may feel overwhelmed by our work and the stresses of our lives. We can easily fill our time in ways that don’t take us into our wholeness, our power, and our joy. The question is: How are we making space for our own freedom? This retreat will be an intentional space in which we can explore…