Garden Apprentice Appreciation

Our South Whidbey Community has been so blessed by the presence of our four Community Garden Apprentices, Alexa, Casey, Camille, and Lissa, throughout the 2013 growing season.

As we harvest our gourds, mulch our beds, and tuck the gardens in for the winter we can look back on an incredible year of growth, friendship, abundance, and learning. Alexa MacAulay worked in our Whidbey Institute Westgarden; Camille Green worked in the Good Cheer Garden alongside Lissa Firor in the Good Cheer Food Bank; and Casey Jackson inspired the next generation of gardeners at the South Whidbey Academy and South Whidbey Middle & Elementary School gardens.

We gathered together in the Whidbey Institute Farmhouse on October 14 to share a meal, remember the season, and say goodbye and thank you to these four vibrant women. It was a joyful evening, made better by the freshness and flavor of the food on our shared table. Life lesson: farmers throw the best potlucks.

Marnie Jones

October 25, 2013