Garden Steward Sought

We are seeking a permanent three-quarter time employee to join our staff team as Westgarden Steward. The Westgarden Steward is responsible for caring for the Whidbey Institute’s Westgarden as a growing and community education space.

The Westgarden, established in 1979, is a half-acre vegetable and medicinal herb garden on the Whidbey Institute grounds. The scope of the Westgarden is broad, and has three main areas of focus: organic food and medicine production; community education and volunteer engagement; and healing experience.

The Westgarden Steward will work to maintain the health of this established garden including creating and implementing planting plans, organizing and teaching classes, and fostering an open nurturing environment for visitors. Additionally, this individual will work on building new projects, strengthening community engagement in the space, and finding more ways to work collaboratively with the Place Team to serve the wider needs of the land.

This is a unique opportunity for someone interested in working in a non-profit growing space where the span of responsibilities is diverse and creative.

To view the full job description and application instructions, click the image below.

Applications are requested by January 3, 2017.

December 3, 2016

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