Learning from the Land 2018 Event Series

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Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin, Writing Nature’s Wisdom

Sept. 22, 1—5 pm. Recommended contribution of $25; $5 scholarship rate; $45 supporting rate.

Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin have taught a version of this class for decades. Ann is a writer and naturalist who has authored such titles as Teaching Kids to Love the Earth and Keepers of the Trees. Christina is a lifelong journal writer and author of the ground breaking book Life’s Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest and Storycatcher, Making Sense of Our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story. Together they wrote and pioneered circle work around the world in their book The Circle Way—a Leader in Every Chair. An afternoon of journal writing and solo time in nature to capture reflections and gain some journal writing tools.

Departs from Lower Parking Lot trailhead.

Corey Hess, Discovering Our Internal Process


Enjoy a mini-retreat deep in the forest with Corey Hess. Corey spent his twenties in Zen monasteries in Japan and the United States. He now lives in Langley, Washington with his wife and three daughters where he teaches meditation and has a private practice helping clients with embodiment and healing.

The theme of this workshop is to creatively engage with the energy flowing through us. We will meditate, do some Qi Gong, walking meditation and non-directed body movement. This class will be lighthearted and informal. Please bring your curiosity and honesty. All experience-levels welcome.

Kumudini Shoba, Autumn Wisdom from the Garden


This is the final Ayurvedic herbal workshop for the year at the Whidbey Institute with Kumudini Shoba. Kumudini is a Whidbey Island-based master herbalist who has studied both eastern and western herbs.  She is from a family in Sri Lanka with a long “Vaidhya” (healer) tradition. She also has a master’s degree in bio-organic chemistry.

When we wake to a chill in the air and see the setting sun a bit earlier in the evening, we know Autumn is upon us. At this time, we transition from the expansive energy of summer into the quiet world of fall and winter. Plants echo this process as their leaves and fruit fall away and they concentrate their energy into their core system roots. This makes Autumn an ideal time to harvest medicinal roots, because they’re full of a plant’s vital energy. In this class, we will harvest, taste, and get to know the powerful healing roots of the Westgarden. We will also look to Auyerveda as a way to understand the season’s change and to learn how to promote wellness through the darker months ahead.

April 9, 2018