Learning from the Land 2018 Event Series

To learn more about registering for any event in the series, email info@whidbeyinstitute.org.

David Trowbridge, Great Sky Adventure

Multiple dates according to weather and starry sky conditions: Sat. April 21, Sat. May 19, Sat. June 16, Sat. July 21, possibly Sun. Aug. 19th, Sat. Sept. 15. 9:30 pm, Recommended contribution of $25; $5 scholarship rate; $45 supporting rate.

David Trowbridge is a physicist, astronomer and science educator who loves to introduce people to the wonders of the sky. His home-built observatory is used for astronomical research and astrophotography, and is open to visitors by special arrangement. Join us on a guided tour of the night sky including an orientation to the major constellations and bright stars. Look through a telescope to observe various celestial objects, including possibly the moon, planets, galaxies, nebulas, star clusters and double stars.

Meet at Storyhouse.

Travis Furlanic, Whidbey Wild Mushroom Tour

April 14. 1—4 pm. Adults – $45; Seniors – $35; Student – $25; Kids under 12 – Free.

Travis Furlanic has been foraging for wild mushrooms for over 10 years. He his passionate about mushrooms and happy to share his knowledge of wild edible mushrooms. We offer a comprehensive and fun learning experience to anybody that wants to learn more about the fungus among us. Participants will leave empowered and with a fundamental understanding of how to forage wild mushrooms safely anywhere.

Begins at Mukilteo Coffee Roasters.

Larry Daloz, Small Wonders: Mosses and Lichens of the Chinook Lands

April 29, 10 am—12:30. Recommended contribution of $25; $5 scholarship rate; $45 supporting rate.

Larry Daloz has spent years on his knees discovering and photographing mosses and lichens. His macrophotography is on display at the Whidbey Art Gallery. Some of the most wondrous mosses and lichens on the planet live right here on South Whidbey. Have you ever looked closely at their fragile beauty, wondered how they grow, or wanted to learn their names? Spend the day with Larry Daloz, Senior Fellow of Whidbey Institute and confirmed bryophile. Delight yourself, amaze your friends with your new knowledge, meet other members of the select band of bryophiles. No experience or prior knowledge necessary!

Departs from Lower Parking Lot trailhead.

Gabe Garms, Native Plant Walk

May 6, 10 am—12 pm. RSVP’s required (email info@whidbeyinstitute.org). Donations welcome. 

We will learn all about the native plants growing in a few different ecologies at the property. We’ll cover identification and which plants are good for food, medicine, tools and attracting wildlife. We’ll also look at patterns in the plant communities that can be used in our gardens at home. When you’re able to mimic natural patterns, and work with nature instead of against her, your gardens will become more productive with significantly less work. You won’t want to miss this walk.

Gabe is the co-founder and an instructor at Raven’s Roots Naturalist School in Sedro, Woolley, WA (www.ravensroots.com). He teaches ethnobotany, permaculture and wilderness survival and manages the Raven’s Roots farm.

Departs from Lower Parking Lot trailhead.

Filip Tkatzyk, Introduction to Bird Language

June 10, 8 am to 3 pm. $70.

This class is in introduction to understanding the language of the birds, an ancestral skill that is part of all of our shared heritage. Included are skills to help you understand bird behavior, using bird behavior/calls to learn about the more secretive creatures that live around you and get a very intimate glimpse into the lives of birds. This class includes practices in nature awareness in general, and tools for continuing your learning journey.

Filip Tkaczyk is a naturalist and outdoor educator with more than a decade of teaching experience in bird language, wildlife tracking and naturalist skills. He is a published author and currently teaches through Raven’s Roots Naturalist School.

Departs from Lower Parking Lot trailhead.

Kumudini Shoba, Summer Wisdom from the Garden

June 16, 1—4 pm, $45 or $30 for Westgarden Volunteers.

Kumudini Shoba, Ayurvedic practitioner, will help us explore an assortment of medicinal flowers that will be in bloom in late June. From roses to lavender to calendula and clover, we will smell, taste, and learn all about these plant allies. This class will be hands on and will take place in the garden and greenhouse.

Meets in the Westgarden and Greenhouse.

Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin, Writing Nature’s Wisdom

Sept. 22, 1—5 pm. Recommended contribution of $25; $5 scholarship rate; $45 supporting rate.

Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin have taught a version of this class for decades. Ann is a writer and naturalist who has authored such titles as Teaching Kids to Love the Earth and Keepers of the Trees. Christina is a lifelong journal writer and author of the ground breaking book Life’s Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest and Storycatcher, Making Sense of Our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story. Together they wrote and pioneered circle work around the world in their book The Circle Way—a Leader in Every Chair. An afternoon of journal writing and solo time in nature to capture reflections and gain some journal writing tools.

Departs from Lower Parking Lot trailhead.

April 9, 2018

Learning from the Land

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