Loving the World | May 2015 Newsletter

“My work is loving the world . . . which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished . . . which is mostly rejoicing, since all ingredients are here, which is gratitude, to be given a mind and a heart.” —Mary Oliver

We have been loving the world this spring at Chinook! We are surrounded by the beauty and bounty of an awakening forest, flourishing gardens, compelling conversations, and deepening partnerships. From our thatching ants and our nesting chickadees to our board members and our program partners, we are busy working in service to the common good. We are steeped in optimism.

And yet . . . the world’s pain hangs close. With events in Nepal and Baltimore weighing heavily on us, and with the loss of our friend Roger Harrison still fresh in our minds, we  at Chinook are acutely aware of our fortune. To be here, today. To spend our days doing work we believe in, for the good of the people, creatures, communities, and planet which we love. To have each other, and to have each of you. To share an unwavering trust that the world we are creating together will be one full of more good than harm.

With joy comes sorrow—with sorrow, joy. The limitless complexity of the world will never cease to amaze us. And what are we left with? The work of loving the world, and of loving each other. The work of bearing witness, and of speaking up. The work of being astonished, and of rejoicing.
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Chickadee photo by Andrew Reding.

May 7, 2015