In the Song of a Bird | January 2016 Newsletter

“Oneness was the theme of my house—oneness with nature, between East and West, spirit and matter, across many cultures.”―Gloria Chou

Phoenix Rising: Remembering Gloria Chou


“Several times, in the stillness of nature or in the song of a bird, I received a silent but persistent message: ‘Only one thing is necessary. Love God with your whole heart and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.’” —Gloria Chou

2015 took with it a dear soul—Gloria (Fung Chee) Chou. She was a committed volunteer at Chinook for many of her elder years. She lived simply throughout her life, valuing home, community, and service.

We were honored to learn, upon Gloria’s passing, that she had designated the Whidbey Institute as a beneficiary of her life insurance policy—ensuring that the place she loved will continue to touch lives, as it touched hers, in the years stretching ahead.

Gloria’s memoir, written and published during her years on Whidbey Island, describes a life of generosity, equanimity, and grace.

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January 12, 2016