Meet Our Team: Spotlight on Amber

Amber Herman recently joined our housekeeping team.

She’s a dedicated mother of two sons (Victor, age 15, and Dillon, 9) and two daughters (Megan, 12, and Kirsten, 7) . Being a mom keeps her very busy, between football games, baseball games, wrestling matches, and Girl Scout meetings. She also enjoys making jewelry and knitting, and finds time in her busy family schedule for her crafts.

Amber has lived on Whidbey since she was 16, and now makes her home near Saratoga with the kids and her partner of 17 years, Kirk. At work, we’re enjoying getting to know Amber as a friendly, hard-working, and generous co-worker.

Amber works alongside Amber Hamley and Lynne Carlson in our housekeeping department, helping to care for our spaces and ensure comfortable stays for all of our Whidbey Institute guests.

We warmly welcome Amber to our staff team!

January 28, 2015

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