Your donation has a significant impact in supporting programs, place and people at the Whidbey Institute. These times call upon us to embrace wild ideas, to seek profound and enduring changes within ourselves, our relationships, and our institutions.


“This is more than a job to me. It’s a community, a constant education, and a home for my work in the world.”

—Marnie Jackson, Communications Manager

Small Team, Big Work

Behind the scenes, our passion for what we do, combined with a diversity of life and career experience, makes our team exceptionally effective. The Whidbey Institute invites whole people to be fully themselves as members of our thriving community.

Authentic Engagement

“I strive to help create  …  environments where people can show up more authentically … where people are empowered to follow their passion, vision, and mission as individuals. By liberating that purpose and passion, organizations really get engaged people—people who are working toward a collective purpose as well as toward their own actualization. That’s happening here.”

—Chris Clark, former consultant & Board member

Sanctuary 4

“I remember the community of workers and what happened between and among us while we were [building the Sanctuary]. We did work that was true and authentic—a real expression of who we are in the world and what we hope to become. My greatest hope is that all of us can find that little, holy place in all that we do—that we can dare to make it a real expression of who we are in the moment, and what we see, and what we feel.”

—Kim Hoelting, Builder



“I will never really leave this place. The Whidbey Institute will always be a home for me, as it is for so many across the globe. I look forward to witnessing the continual evolution and growth of this place that I love—that we all love. It could not possibly be in more loving or capable hands.”

—Dan Mahle, former Program Manager

A Spirit of Service


“I am so amazed by how your team does what it does … and how you let the right voice emerge at the right time to create this space for all of us.”

—KC Golden, Cascadia Climate Conference Speaker

“It’s always been a high-grade human experience being on those hallowed grounds and in the elegant buildings there. But the way you all contributed to this experience was as nurturing, attentive, and close to seamless as I’ve seen a group stewarded through. I bow to your service, and bless in you whatever it is that allows you to give it so freely.”

—DAn McKee, Warrior Monk Retreat Leader & Awakening Life Foundation founder

OwlHeader“Shared laughter, shooting stars, bats, and owls… oh, how I love my job.”

—Kimi Hoover, Staff Member

Collaboration and Connection

“Everybody, on every front, who’s really trying to change and walk their talk is having to restructure their organizations, and the way they do business, and the way they communicate and make relationships.”



“We’re able to very creatively and collaboratively bring together like-minded individuals and organizations who seek social, environmental, economic justice for all. And when you bring these individuals, organizations, and leaders together, that synergistic effect is palpable … it’s something that, hopefully, we can replicate across many institutions.”



“We have the kind of team I have dreamed of being a part of, for as long as I have known to dream it.”

—Heather Johnson, Executive Director

“If you all spent more of your time worried about whether your glasses frames were sufficiently stylish, and your colors were more sufficiently coordinated, and whether your houses were fancy enough for the kind of people you wanted to entertain, I’d probably spend less time here. But no—you do what you do because you think it’s worth doing, and therefore I’m here to do the same.”

—Robert Keeney, Forestry Volunteer