The Great Work | November 2014 Newsletter

From here on, the primary judgment of all human institutions, professions, programs and activities will be determined by the extent to which they inhibit, ignore, or foster a mutually-enhancing human/Earth relationship.” —Thomas Berry

The great work of our era is to reimagine human life in alignment with all life. The work of the Whidbey Institute, in support of positive social and environmental change, is inextricably tied to the work of humanity as a whole. There is no one among us who can do this alone.

We’re compelled each day by both the magnitude of the challenges at hand and by the promise of what is blossoming here and around the world. This organization, which so many of us have loved and nurtured through 40 years of evolution, stands on the cusp of an exciting new adventure.

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cover photo by John M. Dier, at Pacific Rim Institute (Coupeville)

November 6, 2014