The Living Land | June 2014 Newsletter

This month, we would especially like to thank our community for joining us during our recent Spring Workday. We accomplished a lot. Thank you for your presence, good work, and leadership!

Amber Hamley, with her two daughters Faith and Jade, did a great job working with the kids and parents of Cub Scout troop #4089. The Labyrinth is completely weeded! It was wonderful to have the kids working on the land with us.

Cary Peterson led the garden trenching group, with help from Beno Kennedy and many people who came through to dig for a bit.

Abigail Lazarowski led the Thomas Berry Hall herb garden rejuvenation with Laura Boram, Owen Boram, Phil Jones, Sonya Ekstrom, me (Maggie Mahle), and many others who joined in at the end of the morning after completing their projects. It looks great.

Kimi Hoover and Michael Hoover led a small but enthusiastic crew—Maureen Jones and Detmar Straub—to clean up the area at the bottom of the orchard and erect a gazebo which they had donated to the Institute. It’s turned a beautiful spot into a nice shady destination on these hot days!

Thomas Anderson orchestrated some serious wood splitting and hauling with the help of Chris Hamley, Dan Mahle, and Tim Clark.  At the end of the morning, there were a few Cub Scouts helping out with the wood too!

Allison Tongate led the hardworking pine cleanup crew: Ben Thomas, Judy Strong, andLeslie Seeche.

Our good friend Tim Morley volunteered his morning to take photos.

We ended a wonderful morning by sharing each other’s good company and a beautiful lunch prepared by Christyn Johnson.

With deep gratitude,

Maggie Mahle, Land Care Coordinator

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June 4, 2014