Two Pines: a difficult update

Removal planned for beloved trees

After seeking the opinions of two expert arborists, we at the Whidbey Institute have reached the difficult decision to remove two terminally ill pine trees that stand beside the historic Farmhouse at the heart of Chinook.

The trees, originally planted by the Pietila family in the late 19th Century, have stood watch over generations of visitors to this land. Now,as was mentioned at our 40th Anniversary Festival, they are suffering from disease which not only threatens their own health but also poses a risk to the adjacent structure. For the safety of all, we are planning to have them professionally felled before winter sets in. Their wood will be milled by a neighbor and we hope some of it can come back to Chinook in another form.

The Pietilas were a Finnish family, hailing from a culture where trees were revered as guardians and friends. It is likely that they situated these trees beside their home with deep intention. It would honor the memory of these two pines if those of you who are moved to make a goodbye visit would do so during the coming weeks.

In honor of these amazing symbols of family and home, we will be holding a ceremony Sunday, December 8th at 2:00 pm. Please meet in the Farmhouse. All are welcome.

October 30, 2013

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