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“I’ve never tasted love before – every meal was infused with it.”

—A Whidbey Institute guest; Christyn Johnson photo courtesy


Meals at the Whidbey Institute are lovingly prepared by Chef Kyra Smith and her skilled team, using local, fresh, organic produce whenever possible. Kyra’s team is always willing and able to accommodate special dietary requests, and meals often include an abundance of gluten-free, low-sugar, and vegan options.

Meals are one of the things that keep people coming back—in fact, the feedback we receive most often relates to the delicious, abundant, and nourishing food that Chef Kyra and her team provide time after time!


Chef Kyra Smith

Kyra has a culinary arts degree and is currently pursuing a BA in nutrition. She has worked in restaurants for over nine years and trained in over a dozen kitchens in Los Angeles. She is passionate about vegetarian and gluten free cuisine. She started college as an art major, but transitioned into the culinary world to create art through food while nourishing people. Her mother is an herbalist and always encouraged using plant remedies to heal the body. This has always resonated with her and led her on a journey of learning to heal the body with food.