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Volunteer work party

Volunteer Liability Waiver


I volunteer my service in labor and time to Whidbey Institute’s volunteer program. These services are performed by my own free will. 

I agree to fulfill my volunteer responsibilities to the best of my ability and to abide by the safety and work standards established by Whidbey Institute. I understand that if I do not follow these guidelines my participation in the program may be terminated. 

I understand that there is risk of physical injury involved in my volunteer assignment and will study, understand and avoid any and all potential dangers to minimize this risk. I will NOT accept any work assignment that I feel I am not qualified or prepared for.   

I understand that supervisors trained in safe work procedures will lead me on all projects and activities. I also understand that each project or activity, as well as transportation to and from the activity, will involve the normal level of risk associated with such a project or activity and I hereby release the Whidbey Institute, and any of its partners, officers, agents, and employees, from all claims and liabilities of any nature arising out of my participation in any aspect of this volunteer program.  



I will attest that I am in good health on the day(s) I am volunteering.  In the case of a medical emergency, I hereby grant my permission to the physician secured by the supervisor in charge of the volunteer activities to hospitalize, secure treatment for and to order injection, anesthesia, or surgery for me.  In the event any such treatment is not covered by insurance applicable to the activities, I will pay the expenses incurred in such emergency treatment.   



I will take responsibility to be properly prepared for all activities, including having the proper clothing and equipment, and being in adequate health for the activity. I will inform the supervisor of any particular physical, mental, social or other condition affecting my ability to participate.