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“I had an intuitive sense that this was a home for me, and that I wanted to contribute to this place.”

—Dan Mahle, former Program Coordinator
Photo © Kenneth Fredrick


Our overnight accommodations for groups onsite include a cabin village in the forest, an historic Farmhouse in our heartland, and Granny’s, a woodland home. Together, these cabins and homes sleep 30, generally one or two per room. Space for campers with tents is available in the summer.

Cabin Village • Farmhouse • Granny’s

Cabin Village

Meadow Row

Meadow Row, constructed 2017-18, includes four free-standing structures with two bedrooms in each.

  • Six single rooms
  • Two double rooms (two single beds each)
  • Adjoining restrooms

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Hillside Cabins

The Hillside Cabins, constructed 2017-18, sit on the hillside near the Sanctuary. They are near the Sanctuary restrooms. These three live edge cabins are named Cedar, Fir, and Spruce for the wood species highlighted in each.

  • Three double rooms (two single beds each)

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Legacy Cabins

Located in the forest near Madrone Meadow, our two Legacy Cabins are a short walk from our shower house/restrooms and outdoor kitchen space. All cabins include space heaters, linens, and electrical outlets.

  • Bagend: woodstove, loft, two single beds. Pictured below.
  • Hermitage: queen bed. 


The fully restored 19th century Farmhouse features a living room with woodstove, fully-equipped kitchen, porch and patio, 2.5 bathrooms, and wifi. There are 7 bedrooms upstairs, with capacity for 10 guests.

Second floor bedrooms:

  • White Pine (Queen)
  • Plum (single)
  • Apple (single)
  • Vine Maple (single)
  • Locust (2 singles)
  • Dogwood (2 singles)
  • Madrone (2 singles)



Granny’s is near the entrance to our 100 acre campus and is accessible from the heartland by car or wooded trail. The entire house was moved here in its early years as a gift from a neighbor.

Granny’s features a woodstove, fully equipped kitchen, 1.75 bathrooms, and wifi. It sleeps 13.

1st floor bedrooms:

  • Coyote (2 singles)
  • Hawk (2 singles)
  • Falcon (3 singles)
  • Salmon (2 singles)

2nd floor bedrooms:

  • Eagle (2 singles)
  • Raven (2 singles)

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“I have met people that have changed my life forever, that even now in this moment are changing the universe as I know it forever.”

—Sossina Chirhart, 2015 Bioneers Conference participant
Photo © Eric Neurath