Courageous Change: May 2019 Newsletter

This is a time for courageous change.

When you reflect on what you see happening in our world today and how it impacts who and what you love, how do you respond? What feeds your fire to do the work you do? When you read the news headlines, what do you feel? When talking to a young person facing an uncertain future, what truth or half-truth do you tell?

We know the WHAT of our work. The list is long. The work beneath the work is HOW: How do we engage the world’s enormous, interconnected challenges with heart? With courage? As joyful communities? As Earthlings who embrace and belong with the wholeness of life?

What we’ve experienced time and time again is that when community steps forward, change is not only possible, but certain—and joyous! The Whidbey Institute and its work have truly been created and sustained by many hands, hearts, and souls. For this we are grateful every day.

May we live in integrity with life itself, and through this integrity, be restored in our communities, our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

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May 7, 2019