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Open Retreat FAQs

Here are answers to a few common questions about our Open Retreats, launched in September 2020:


Can I attend with a group? If you would like to connect with friends and attend together during certain retreat dates, you may! Space is limited, and if you anticipate registering with a group of four or more, we encourage you to inquire several months in advance. 


Do you offer retreat themes or learning materials and guided experiences? We’re exploring the possibility of offering ala carte coaching, facilitated experiences, guided tours, themed retreat weeks, and more, however the September retreats are designed for maximum ease and simplicity. 


Can I host or attend a program during the dates when Open Retreats are scheduled? We are limiting our multi-day hosting to this Open Retreat format—however, program leaders are invited to work with us to see if this format can suit your needs and the needs of your participants. We do not currently have the staff capacity to offer fully customized retreat experiences this autumn and winter.


Will I have my own bedroom? You’ll have the option to register for a single room or a shared room with a household member. There is no sharing of cabins or bedrooms except among people who live together, since extended time together in shared airspace without masks is a risk factor for the spread of COVID-19.


Will I have my own bathroom? Likely no. Meadow Row bathrooms are semi-private, usually shared between two registrants. Sanctuary bathrooms (2) are shared by all those staying in Hillside and Heritage cabins. Our housekeeping team thoroughly cleans all spaces between each retreat.


Can I bring my own food? There is no discount available for opting out of meals and we can’t provide kitchen space for guests, therefore we encourage you to dine with us! Chef Christyn can accommodate many dietary restrictions and preferences, and we encourage you to experience the magic of her cooking. Bringing your own non-refrigerated snacks is always welcome. 


Can I camp outdoors? At this time, lodging is limited by the number of bathrooms on campus. We cannot offer discounted rates for tent campers at this time. 


Can I attend for just part of the week? You can arrive and depart anytime within the Wednesday afternoon—Sunday morning window, however there is no discount available for those attending for fewer days. 


Why aren’t there more options for customization? Our staff team is working reduced hours in order to responsibly steward our financial resources during this COVID disruption, and we’re doing our best to connect the healing beauty of nature with the people who know and love this land. A standard retreat format that is optimized to support your experience is the best way for us to accomplish this, and we appreciate your participation! 


Are discounts available? At this time, no discounts are offered. Our vision for the Open Retreats includes dedicating one week per month to serving those with the greatest need of the land’s healing power, including target audiences such as grocery and farm workers, educators, BIPOC community organizers, and first responders. These Respite & Restoration weeks will be announced as soon as we have adequate funding to proceed. 


Can I be notified when reduced-cost retreats are offered? If our standard Open Retreat offering is successful, the income we earn can be used to offer reduced-cost access to those with financial need. If you would like to be notified about these weeks and receive guidance on how to apply, email [email protected]


What is your cancellation policy? If you need to cancel 14 or more days prior to your retreat start, a full refund will be given. Cancellations within the two week window are eligible for a 50% refund.


Can I donate? Yes! You’ll have the opportunity to donate during the registration process. When you give you help care for the beauty and health of our 106-acre home, support our staff, and fund emergent programming that serves those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.