Farewell, Mary

Mary Jakubiak, our retiring friend and coworker, left the Whidbey Institute for Ohio over a week ago. We hear that she is happy, healthy, and relaxing among friends. We were grateful for an opportunity to celebrate with her and her sister Ginny at the home of Larry Daloz and Sharon Parks.

Mary was  the Whidbey Institute’s resident caretaker for 22 years, serving as the “eyes and ears” of the Chinook land night and day and throughout the seasons. A down-to-earth, thrifty and highly authentic soul, Mary is also admired for her beautiful photography of the land throughout the seasons.

The following photos were taken by Marnie Jones during Mary’s goodbye party.

November 3, 2013

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  1. Joe Arnold says:

    I enjoyed Mary’s tenure at WI and found her to be a great friend when I worked and for a short time lived in the old farmhouse. I may look her up in Akron and visit her there

    1. Marnie Jones says:

      Joe, I hope one day you do . . . and I hope you send back word that she’s thriving there!