Four Swans

Author Michael Bertrand was inspired to write the following poem upon a recent visit to the white pines at Chinook. Now, as their passing draws nearer, we are honored and touched by his willingness to share it.

Four Swans

Four swans flying south
Against the high-clouded November sky.
Just below them stand two giant pines
Whose massive limbs weave a tapestry of
Seeming vigour and long life.

But underneath their facade of strength
A rot has set in that demands to be looked at.
They stand beside the old farm house
Now threatening it with branches ready to fall.

Before they go, a blessing and a good bye are planned by
Humans with hearts, doing what needs doing.

We feel the ambivalence of life and death on this earth plane.

The swans travel on . . .


December 2, 2013

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