Welcoming Development Lead Holly Harlan

We are delighted to welcome Holly Harlan as the Whidbey Institute’s Development Lead.

Holly is a mission oriented, passionate, and experienced business strategist who will bring new ideas and connections, practical experience from both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, and tremendous heart to our development team.

Holly Harlan‘s academic and professional expertise ranges from industrial engineering, manufacturing, and marketing to economic development, business development, and grassroots network development.

Holly worked with General Electric as well as three nationally recognized economic development organizations in the Northeast Ohio Region in the 1990s, and in the 2000’s she founded and led Entrepreneurs for Sustainability, an award winning economic development non-profit and action network of networks in Northeast Ohio whose mission is to grow sustainable regional economies that affirm and sustain life for all. More recently, she has collaborated with two organizations who serve early adopter markets: supporting the self-organizing global network of biomimicry practitioners at The Biomimicry Institute, and co-creating business development opportunities and practices with a leadership and human development company, Pacific Integral.

Holly is a South Whidbey resident with a deep and lasting commitment to the Chinook land and strong ties to our local community. With her balanced capacity for both visionary and practical work, we’re confident that Holly‘s presence will sustain, uplift, and inspire the Whidbey Institute and those we serve.

January 30, 2017

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  1. Tony Salvatore says:

    Congratulations Holly! This sounds like a perfect match. So glad you have been accepted into their fold. And Whidbey Institute, you could not have chosen a more integrant component, to your group, than long-time friend, and outstanding soul being, Holly Harlan.

  2. Deepa Vedavyas says:

    Congratulations Holly! Whidbey Institute is lucky to have her. She comes with a great wealth of knowledge, kindness and innovative ideas and wishing Holly the very best in all that you do.

  3. Laura Boram says:

    Holly has a great love for community and skill at community building. I am so happy to see her find a home at Whidbey Institute. And I agree with Nan – you are fortunate to have her!

  4. Nan McIntyre says:

    This sounds like a wonderful fit for both the WI and for Holly. She always thinks outside the box to generate great ideas and then makes them happen. You are very lucky to have her!