Why Cathy Gives

Cathy Buller (pictured at left) is volunteering to crunch numbers and run data for the Whidbey Institute this week during the 48-hour fundraising marathon that is GiveBIG. Yesterday, I asked her why she’s willing to put so much time and energy in for us. This was her answer.

I give back and GiveBIG to Whidbey Institute because it nourishes the world, and me, at so many levels.

I have more time and good will to share than money. I give to the Institute as a program participant, an event and work party volunteer, a financial donor, and an enthusiastic voice encouraging others to connect to the Institute’s great work and great place. 

Whidbey Institute is an influential presence for my core family too. While I touch in often, my husband does so rarely – but appreciatively. My daughter and her spouse hold many connections to programs on and off the land, like the Power of Hope/Culture Jam teen camp in Oregon where they met as facilitators. The networks of renewal and inspiration nourish us all. 

Think about the many ways your own slice of the world has been nurtured by Whidbey Institute experiences. Your efforts are powerfully strengthened by the collective good work of fellow travelers far beyond your sight or reach. I tap into that when I need to boost my own reserves. Every effort, every step makes a difference.

I encourage you to support the Institute generously in every way that calls to you, now and always. Keep listening, keep taking action, keep sharing!

GiveBIG runs through tonight at midnight, and there’s still time to give. Your donation will be doubled by a $45,000 matching fund!

With gratitude for all the ways you give,


May 6, 2020